Posted by: Elder Kenny Call | January 29, 2013

Very busy last month in the mission field!

We picked up Gina as a new investigator. Marie has been involved with getting it all set up. We had a lesson Wednesday in Marie’s home and one on Saturday at the Record’s. We have things set up to have her in a members home on Saturday and now we just need to confirm it with her.
The Cleary’s are doing super good. We went through the scriptures with them this last week and taught them how to really study from them. We went through everything including the Bible Dictionary, TG, Index, Pictures, Intro to books (D&C, P.O.G…) They learned a lot and are doing soo good! They are as involved as you can get in the Church!
Denyse is a less active we have been teaching and now she’s getting regular at comming to church! 3 out of the last 4 weeks! wow! This week she even brought her non-member grand-daughter so were going to see if we can get lessons going with her soon.
We picked up another former investigator this week named Ryan. We had a member come with us to go visit Steve, The lesson was short and Steve isn’t showing any sign of progress so we went with the member to go see Ryan. At first he didn’t want to talk to us again, but then we got in! We have an appointment with him on Tuesday!
Marie is doing really good. She’s getting back on her feet pretty well now. She has a much nicer place to stay and a car. She was present at both lessons with Gina this week.  She continues to be strong in the gospel and is actively sharing it.
We’re currently working on getting the Arteaga family taking the lessons. The kids are interested and the mom is a less active member. They are super busy so hopefully we can get lessons going soon.
Sierra is still doing really good. We had the opportunity to talk to her on Sunday at Church and she’s so converted. The Bishop will be visiting her family sometime in February.
The work goes well!
-Elder Call

Posted by: Elder Kenny Call | January 8, 2013

Anson’s last transfer/Training a greenie in Santa Barbara!

The transfer call came again. Sunday night I received a call from the Assistants that I’m going to be a trainer again. Cool.Then this morning i got a call about where i’m serving. The Zone Leader said that I would be serving in the Panama Ward in South Bakersfield. I was surprised! Other Elders would call that “White Wash Trunky Training.” Fortunately the Elder was only kidding and I get to stay in Santa Barbara to the end. I don’t have to worry about “White Washing” meaning that you take over an area without a companion that knows the ward. And no, I’m not trunky either. I’m just training and it will go great!
We got a lot of hard work to do!
-Elder Call

Posted by: Elder Kenny Call | December 26, 2012

Elder Anson Call’s Christmas tree

Christmas tree complete with frosted cookies from the fam!

Christmas tree complete with frosted cookies from the fam!

Posted by: Elder Kenny Call | December 26, 2012

A White Christmas in Santa Barbara!

 A White Christmas in Santa Barbara -- Marie's baptism!

A White Christmas in Santa Barbara — Marie’s baptism!

Posted by: Elder Kenny Call | December 11, 2012

Upcoming baptism in Santa Barbara!

It’s been a great week!
Lots and lots of good things happening.
Marie has been interviewed for baptism and will be baptized on December 22 at 5pm. It’s been great to start teaching her and see her progress all the way to her baptism and hopefully I’ll get to stay my last transfer here to see her get integrated into the congregation and life being LDS. We’re way excited for her baptism and she is very excited for it too.
Also, lots of good work on the horizon that we’re getting set up. I’ll let you know all about it later.
Elder Anson Call

Posted by: Elder Kenny Call | December 3, 2012

The Cleary family baptism

Elder Anson Call at the McCleary baptism

Posted by: Elder Kenny Call | December 3, 2012

A “White Christmas” in sunny Santa Barbara!!!!!

I’m not dreaming of a white christmas, I’m having one! I’m referring to the “white” baptismal clothes, of course!
There was a baptismal service on Saturday and it had to be the best service I have ever attended. The spirit was so strong that no one could have missed it. The service was packed. All the seats were filled and people were even standing. the whole ward must have been there. The music and the talks were all great and its wonderful to know that this whole family will now be able to go to the temple in a year. The mother and daughter were baptized back in August and now the family is completely members with the baptism of the father and son. Sunday had to be one of the best testimony meetings ever. Brother Cleary got up and shared his conversion story along with his testimony and I can’t even get close to describe how wonderful that was. Everyone felt the spirit so strong. We’re looking at a future bishop for sure.
Marie is doing super good too! she is super excited for her own baptism and is sharing the gospel like crazy! She brought her 12 yr old neighbor to church and he loved it. He wants to come again. It wont be too long until his family meets with the Spanish elders!!!!
There is so much great stuff happening!!!!
You’ll learn more in my letter home. 4 pages have been written thus far. 🙂
Elder A Call

Posted by: Elder Kenny Call | November 26, 2012

Staying in Santa Barbara this transfer! :) Also a baptism this Saturday!!!

The Transfer Call came and I’m…

STAYING!!!!!!! YAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Unfortunately Elder Stanley is going. My new companion will be Elder Stewart. We are going to have a great transfer. We have a baptism on Saturday and another baptism 3 days before Christmas. It’s too bad Elder Stanley is going to miss out. The Work is good and is continuing to go great!

I have lots of things to share but like Kenny, I don’t want to spoil the letter I’m writing home. I could quickly share what’s happening over email but I don’t have time sufficient to tell it well so you’ll have to wait! sorry 🙂

I love ya’ll and will talk to you in 24 days. and see you in… well… I haven’t thought that far ahead yet. There’s work to do!

Elder Anson Call

Posted by: Elder Kenny Call | November 26, 2012

Elder Anson Call/Trunk or Treat — homemade rootbeer

Bathroom issues in the missionaries’ apartment. 😦

Anson’s companion in Santa Barbara, Elder Stanley

Happy Birthday Ellen Call!!!???? I sent Anson cupcakes on his birthday and I guess they couldn’t believe his name was really “Elder”!

The missionaries’ trunk at Trunk or Treat (complete with flashing bicycle lights!)

Elder Anson Call/homemade root beer/ Trunk or Treat

Posted by: Elder Kenny Call | November 12, 2012

Another great week in Santa Barbara!

Another Great week. Things are looking very bright for this area!
Marie is progressing very well for just being taught a few lessons. She agrees with everything and has been wondering where this Church has been all her life. We taught her this week about the Gospel of Jesus Christ and had another lesson on the ten commandments. She is very excited for her upcoming baptism. She even already asked one of the members in our ward to baptize her. We had her scheduled for the 25th of this month but she would like to move it a little later. Were thinking about moving it to the 1st of December and combining the baptism with Jim, Jimmy, and another family in the ward who’s 8yr old son is getting baptized. We’ll see if that will all work together, but either way it’s going to happen really soon!

Jim and Jimmy are doing great. We didn’t get a chance to meet with them this last week because they have been super busy but we have an appointment with them tomorrow. We’re going to go over their baptism, and who they want to be a part of the service. They are so ready! (but they have been so ready for months!)

Now that Everyone is getting baptized our teaching pool is shrinking! Oh no! We’ve been going around sharing this news with members and asking for referrals. It seems like everyone has friends in mind so now it’s just helping them make the invitations to act! Just this week we had a first meeting with a Russian lady named Ireana. She accepted an invitation to take the missionary lessons and we have an appointment with her set for Wednesday. It started by a member who invited her to Church and she came a few weeks ago. Then the member invited her to a church activity, a cooking class with some of the Relief Society sisters and she loved it. Then the member invited her to dinner when we were going to be there. This member of the Church is not afraid of anything! It was a little awkward to start. But Ireana opened up and after talking with her for a while she accepted to take the missionary lessons. We’ll see where it goes!

Now that I’ve used up all my time to write this little bit, I’m going to try to quickly rush through everyone else.

Sierra is still progressing but her parents are holding us back from teaching any more of the lessons. It looks like she’s going to have to wait a couple years until she’s 18 to make her decision. She just finished reading the Book of Mormon and she comes to church nearly every week and participates.

Steve is doing good. Progressing very slowly but he opens up more and more every week. He wants his girlfriend Wendy to be there for the lessons too.

The Pachons and the Morenos have been dropped. They haven’t been going anywhere and aren’t keeping commitments.

We haven’t been able to get in contact with Melvin for a while…

Mark is doing good. We had a 2nd lesson with him finally and he seems really open.

Bryan is doing great. We had a lesson talking about the importance of the sacrament this week and he should bless it for the first time this upcoming Sunday. He’s doing great with his calling in church. He plays the piano so well that I’m surprised the bishop hasn’t asked him yet to tone it down.

Anyway, things are good. There’s a lot to be grateful for.

-Elder Anson Call

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