Posted by: Elder Kenny Call | February 24, 2011

More first week updates…

We have gotten some snow here which was pretty cool.  We had a temple walk on Sunday when it was snowing and it was simply beautiful. I’m going to try to answer all your questions from your letters before my time runs out. I can get letters any day of the week, but I can only reply to them on my p-day. As you can tell by now, my p-day is Wednesday. (Note:  P-day is Preparation Day).

The MTC is Amazing but A LOT of work. I love it. My companion is really cool, he’s from Ogden, Utah. My district is all really close, we do everything together.

(February 23, 2011)



  1. Good Morning Elder Call: hope that this note finds you well. Sounds like you are enjoying the MTC. I knew that you would. This will be one of the GREATEST times in your life.
    Well we are having snow here in Wa and we have had 6″ it is hard to believe and it is 20 degrees here very cold and very much winter. We have had snow here for the last 3 days and it looks lil that there will be some moreover the weekend. When do you leave the MTC ?
    Our kids talk about their mission and the many experiences that they have had during their missions. Many times you will have your companions relationships the rest of your life. What a GREAT experience. We send you our love and just roll forward. Love Ya Ed & Jan

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