Posted by: Elder Kenny Call | March 19, 2011

Excerpts from letter 3/14/11, Bakersfield, CA

Dear Family,

There is too much for me to talk about and so little time!  Just wanted ya’ll to know everything is going great here.

I can give ya’ll some info about the mission.  It averages about 2-3 baptisms a year per missionary.  Of course, my goal is to shoot way above that.  Currently, we are teaching quite a few families but all of them have one thing in common, a Word of Wisdom problem.  Church this Sunday smelled like cigarette smoke, but I see that as a good thing because people are coming.  There are a lot of less active families in our ward, more than 500!  So not only is there a lot of bringing in  new people, but re-activating members.

We already have one of our investigators agreed to baptism, and we are planning to invite the whole family this week!  Also, back in Ventura, on my first day, I went with the A.P.’s and taught for the first time and I just got a call from the A.P. that he agreed to be baptized, so I have already been an influence on two people :).  Now, let’s just see if they make it to their baptism dates.

I just bought a bike.  It works…but it is a little tall for me.  Oh well.  We are in a two bedroom apartment so there are a total of four elders here (two companionships) and we switch off days using the car.  So it’s car/bike 50/50, but it’s all good.  Still getting used to riding this bike, it’s a lot different from the one I had at BYU.

I was saddened to hear about the loss of Trevor Searle.  He was a good kid.  I believe I saw him right before I left.  The last time I went to EFY in San Antonio I hung out with him a little and it’s weird to realize he’s gone.  I have had his family in my prayers.  Thank goodness we believe in the Plan of Salvation.

Thanks so much for all the addresses you sent me.  Now to find out if I have time to write to them!  I got to go now, it’s about lights out, but I have plenty more to tell ya’ll next week :).

Elder Call


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