Posted by: Elder Kenny Call | March 21, 2011

A great week in Bakersfield. Email on 3/21/11

It’s been a great week here in Bakersfield California. Check out the picture I attached. You may notice several things that pop out right away. This is our missionary apartment that we share with another missionary companionship. Yes, a KFC bucket is part of a light fixture on our fan :). My companion Elder Williams is in the chair being silly as always. As you can see, we got a big box of oranges. We were helping some elderly church members clean up their orange tree and they let us have a a huge box! There really good oranges too. You may even notice the coffee maker in the background. No, i have not taken up coffee, but one of our friends that we are teaching gave up their coffee maker after me and my companion taught them a lesson on the word of wisdom. They wanted us to take it to make sure they weren’t tempted to get it back. I thought it was really cool that they were willing to give that up, and I know that they will be blessed because of it. I hope they don’t ask for it back because we are throwing it out.
This week has had quite a bit of weather for us. especially yesterday was really windy and wet. The nice thing was that it was our day to have the car (we switch off every other day with other elders) so we didn’t have to get drenched on our bikes. The not so nice thing was that we had to change a flat tire and got drenched… oh well. hahaha
On Saturday we had zone training which was pretty cool. We spent nearly the entire day listening to President Murri teaching us good stuff.
Church yesterday was really nice. We almost got a family to go with us that we have been working with for a while but the strong winds blew their fence over so they were busy fixing that and couldn’t make it. 😦 but we’ll hopefully see them at church next week. Me and my companion are actually going to leave to go help them with their fence within the next few minutes so to wrap things up, everything is going great and I look forward to hearing from ya’ll! Don’t forget to write!


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