Posted by: Elder Kenny Call | March 31, 2011

Rainy days in Sunny California

Well, it’s been a good but crazy week. To start things off my
companion got sick, but I got to go out on an exchange with Elder
Peterson, my buddy from New Zealand. His companion was sick also. I
got to be senior companion for the day which was fun but hard. It was
weird teaching lessons without Elder Williams that day but all went
well. We have had a bunch of unusual weather this week. I heard
Bakersfield only gets a dozen days of rain a year but we have had a
lot! We had some long walks in the rain which is probably why I’m sick
today, but I’m working through it, it’s just annoying. This week we
got a new investigator so I’m excited about that, hopefully we get
even more next week. This week we stopped at a less active sister’s
house and it was cool because she had a feeling we would be visiting
her this week and when we did she got all emotional. I know it wasn’t
just a coincidence that we showed up. Anyway, a lot more cool things
happened this week but I’m out of time to talk about it :(. Hope all
is going well with ya’ll!
-Elder Call



  1. Elder Call:
    Sounds like your mission is moving right along and you are having all kinds of experiences. This is good for you as a new missionary. As time goes on for you, you will enjoy the opportunities to make changes and able to do different things that will give you experiences for the rest of your life. sounds like the lady that you went to see and she got emotional was feeling the spirt as you were there. What a great opportunity to experience, you will have many more in the future. Putting these experiences in your journal will enhance you life when you return and look back over your fournal entries. Hope that you have a GREAT week. We send you our love and hope you have the opportunity to get new investigators. Love you Ed & Jan

  2. Hi Elder Call,

    Me, Matt and the kids are very proud of you!! We are very close as well. We live in Walnut Creek, CA.
    We will pray for you so you can touch many hearts with the truth.

    Raquel and family

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