Posted by: Elder Kenny Call | April 10, 2011

Excerpts from letters 4/4/11

Dear Family,

I wanted to start out with saying “Thank You” for all the letters and the package ya’ll sent me.  It’s always so  nice to hear from ya’ll.  I also wish to apologize for not sending a hand-written letter last week.  Last P-day was rough on me with being sick.  I’m doing great now though and am so grateful for this time that I have to write ya’ll.

We have a new place now where we are using computers which I’m not too happy about, but at least I still get to email. President Murri added 30 minutes of computer time so that we can send him our weekly President’s letters online (we can’t use any of this time to write ya’ll.)  The last computer situation I was in had only one computer we could use for only an hour, so I would print my emails out and let my companion get on while I thought about what to write and then get back on.  Now we go to this place with really old computers, so I can’t upload pictures or print and they are really slow.  Hopefully, we can find a better place.

General Conference was amazing!  There were so many talks that I loved.  Some of my favorites were L. Tom Perry’s talk on the Sabbath Day. Boyd K. Packer’s talk I thought was great and will definitely be sharing that with investigators.  I really enjoyed Dallin H. Oak’s talk on desires.  There were just so many great messages.  What were ya’lls favorites?

I guess I can give ya’ll a little info about my companion.  He’s a pretty cool guy and a hard worker.  He’s from St. George, Utah which is only a six hour drive from here, kinda weird thought.  Sadly, today he’s sick.  At around 2 am I gave him a blessing this morning.  Poor guy couldn’t go back to sleep so we stayed up and listened to talks on CDs.  I hope he’s better before Zone Activity today because we only get these every other transfer.  At least now I have a bunch of time to catch up on writing letters.

Still trying to get used to riding a bike.  What I had at BYU seemed like a whole lot easier and more comfortable.  The bike I got though is supposed to be pretty good.  It’s a specialized bike that I bought off another missionary for $125 and it gets me around pretty good.  It’s a little too big form though.  Oh well!

I still haven’t been out tracting to try out that technique Dad sent me, but I’ve studied it out real good and love it!  When me and my companion get around to tracting, I will be sure to use it.  We’ve just been pretty busy with seeing people for these last two weeks.  I’m real excited to try it out and have done a lot of thinking about it.  Have you heard about the elders at home experience with it?  Let me know!  Thanks Dad so much for the ideas!

Katie — thanks so much for the letter and the cookies.  They were sooo good and we ate every last one of them.  I still can’t believe you are a fan of Bieber, but whatever, I still love you :). I’m sad to hear that you are still arriving late to seminary.  Just remember why you go and that just because most people come late doesn’t mean you have to.  I didn’t realize how much I learned in seminary until I got out here and wish I remembered more.  Take advantage while you have it! 🙂  Glad to hear that you are still that same happy girl as always and that you had a good Spring Break (minus the work around the house) — I don’t miss that!

I hope everything is going great at home and I look forward to continue to hear from ya’ll!  I  miss you guys and love ya’ll very much!

Letter #2 (later that same day)

Well family, I got your emails, and of course, as always, I ran out of time to say everything that I wanted to.  At least I got to check emails today.  My companion is still really sick.  I hope he’s better before tomorrow because I hate cancelling appointments.  Anyway, I had some things I still wanted to say after the emails I read.

Thanks Mom for the Marble Falls information.  I will be sure to give that to Billy.  Billy is still struggling with the smoking problem.  He’s trying but not there yet.  He has been talking to us though about how God’s been answering his prayers since we gave a lesson on praying.  He had been praying for a job and got one.  Anyway, I think it’s great progress that he’s recognizing how God is blessing him.  I’ll let ya’ll know when he comes up to Texas.  Maybe I’ll give him Dad’s phone number if he goes to Texas anytime soon.  I really could see him becoming a member.

Along with questions from the emails I received today, I had some more things I wanted to write ya’ll about. One thing I’d like to talk about is in regards to email.  With my new computer situation, I ask that you try to send me your messages through standard mail.  I run out of time to send you info about what’s going on here because I spend a majority of my time reading.  I have unlimited time to read letters, only Mondays to write letters, and only 30 minutes to read/write emails which include reading long emails from the Mission President.  I’ll be able to better reply to letters sent by standard mail.

Anyway I love ya’ll very much and want to hear back from each of you.  I want to know how everything is going.  I love all of you very much and hope for all of my questions to be answered.  Hope all is well for ya’ll!


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