Posted by: Elder Kenny Call | April 11, 2011

Service Projects Galore and 3 non-member families at church!

Well, it’s been another great week here in Bakersfield California. It
still hasn’t got too hot yet so I count my blessings for that. On
Thursday I was able to go on exchange with the district leader Elder
Soza. It was interesting to have a different companion for the day. We
ended up just doing a lot of service that day. We started off helping
a family with moving some cement blocks that had been sitting in the
same place for many years and there were sooo many black widows all
over them. I hate those things! After that we visited another family
and shoveled some dirt around. Exciting stuff I know. The next day,
back with Elder Williams we were able to go do more service with the
other Elders in our apartment, building chicken houses which was
pretty fun.
This Sunday was the highlight of my week. There were 3 families who
came to church that were non-members of which only one of them we
invited. The other 2 families had their reasons for coming and
weren’t excited to start meeting with us yet, but they keep coming to
church, taking notes the whole time, and participating in classes.
Hopefully we can meet with them soon.
Sadly my email time is up for today. 😦
hope to here from ya’ll
-Elder Call



  1. Elder Call, it has been so fun to catch up on all the good works that you are doing. So glad to hear that you have settled in and gotten off to a good start. It’s exciting that you have been teaching so many families. Don’t get discouraged if the smoking issue is a problem that can’t be overcomed immediately. Remember – planting a ‘gospel’ seed is always a good thing and someone else can harvest and baptise later when that person is stronger and ready.

    Uncle Roger and I think of you everyday and are keeping you in our prayers. We miss you but are happy that you have chosen to do the Lord’s work.

    Be safe – Be righteous,
    Aunt Donna

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