Posted by: Elder Kenny Call | April 18, 2011

Excerpts from 4/11/11 letter

Hello Family!

I bought some stamps today so I don’t have to worry about borrowing some from my companion anymore :), at least for a while.  Thank ya’ll for all the letters!  Keep ‘m coming!

We haven’t had the chance to see Billy for two weeks so I have  not offered a blessing to help him through it.  He’s been hard to reach lately.

Missionary work is going great.  We got a few referrals this week which I am excited to meet with.  We got one from the MTC and another referral from the sister missionaries in our zone.  We have one family that is so close to baptism but they are moving out of our area.  They believe the Church is true, but smoking and them getting married in June is holding them back.  We set their baptismal date for the week after they get married, so hopefully the smoking will have stopped by then.  I hope their new missionaries will keep them on track.  They are good readers so we made them a scripture calendar. 🙂

We got one family to come to church with us this week which was great.  The son even stayed all three hours.  He really enjoyed Primary and wants to come next week.  The dad went home after Sacrament Meeting because his youngest child had a fit.  We set an appointment to see this family on Thursday, so hopefully we can start getting them to keep commitments.

We are teaching someone new now that I’m sure will be baptized since she was just brought into a home of all active members.  She’s 13 and knows nothing previously about religion but is picking up very fast, volunteering to pray, etc.

We’ve been upping the work with part-member families.  We met with a few this last and I’ll shoot for getting a big list of part-member families from the Bishop.  We actually were just discussing this with the Ward Mission leader.

One of the part-member families we are teaching is seeing progress but very slowly.  The dad gets migraines from reading so the Book of Mormon isn’t working for him too well.  We are also teaching another person who can’t read, so that’s been interesting.

Some of the less active families we have been meeting are progressing very well by praying every night and reading.  We contact them daily for reminders, but I’m afraid that as soon as the missionaries disappear from them, they will go back to their old ways.  That seems like how it is with most of the less-actives we visit.  They do well when they are pushed, but lack the personal motivation.

Anyway, I’ll keep up the hard work and find some new families.  I love ya’ll very much and will keep you updated.


Elder Call



  1. Glad to know all is going well. Don’t be discouraged when people don’t go from 0 to 60 in one or two meetings. Some will slowly grow and then feel the spirit and be baptised. Others are “goldies” and are ‘waiting’ to be contacted. I remember Derrick writing that he couldn’t believe it but had a baptism the first week he was in Mexico…… He had never met the prespective new member, but someone had taken the time to plant the seeds for him to reap the harvest…. that is just as rewarding. Remember what I said about , “planting seeds”….it is very important and a righteous tool of doing missionary work.

    Love and miss you…be safe, be righteous.
    Aunt Donna

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