Posted by: Elder Kenny Call | April 18, 2011

Staying in Bakersfield! (First transfer day in mission field)

It’s been a great week here and an excellent transfer. I was informed
today that I will be staying in Bakersfield for the next 6 weeks at
least. I still have my same companion but one of the other
missionaries in our apartment, Elder Petersen (from New Zealand) will
be leaving to the Simi Valley area just in time to escape the summer
heat of Bakersfield – lucky guy. I hear the new missionary replacing him
is pretty cool and I look forward to meeting him tomorrow.
This week has been one of the most successful weeks since I’ve been on
my mission. We were able to exceed the majority of our goals and had a
lot of very good lessons. We haven’t had any baptisms yet but
currently we have one person set with a baptismal date that I’m sure
will happen. I was excited to contact two referrals this week that
look fairly positive to start teaching. I’ll let ya’ll know how that
We have been able to do a lot more service this week which was
awesome. We helped a kind lady in our ward clean out a garage and get
preped for a yard sale. Just yet another service project involving A
LOT of black widows. I really hate those spiders! The lady we were
helping has to move out soon which is sad because she’s really cool.
We come to visit her and share lessons with her around once a week.
Like the majority of the people we know here, smoking is a problem
sadly. I wish there was an easy way out for people struggling with
On Wednesday we got a call from a member of the bishopric. Turns out
we were asked to speak on Sunday. I spoke first for a little over 15
minutes about Missionary work. Who would of thought they would ask a
missionary to speak about that? hahaha. My companion was the
concluding speaker. I was grateful for the opportunity to speak,
especially about missionary work. Hopefully that will inspire at least
one member of the congregation to work harder on being a member
missionary. The talk went great but i wished i had more time to
prepare it, because as missionaries we don’t have time set apart to
write talks, so I had to prepare it during some of my sleep hours. Oh
well 🙂
Sunday went very well. One of the non-member families attending church
for the past several weeks is really progressing. From what I’ve
heard, the wife wants to get baptized. She is just waiting on her
husband, who seems to be liking church pretty well. He takes notes the
whole time and participates in classes. This family is very nice and
they have 5 young children. We’ll probably meet with them this week,
but the ward mission leader wants us to give them plenty of space.
This family is doing so well that it’s hard to tell that they are not
Anyway, I’m out of email time until next week. Please Write!
-Elder Call


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