Posted by: Elder Kenny Call | May 2, 2011

Best Week Ever!

Missionary work has been doing well this week, especially this weekend!
Tuesday was certainly interesting. Bakersfield had a huge power outage
so making lunch was fun without a microwave 🙂
On Friday we invited a family to Mormon Helping Hands. We prayed
they’d show up and sure enough they did! They described to us the
battle they had whether they should go or not and finally they did.
This family had pretty much fallen off the map to us until this point.
Because they went to the service project, they met members, got to
feel the spirit of serving, got invited to future church activities,
and got their hearts snapped into the right place. We were able to set
up an appointment with them that night and teach about the gospel of
Jesus Christ. Before we walked into their home we talked at their
doorstep for a while.The dad started with saying they wouldn’t make
it to church on Sunday because his in-laws were going to be visiting
them, then he started talking about the service project and how when
he left he couldn’t breathe. He explained how tired he was of smoking
and decided to quit right then and there. We gave him a blessing to
help him go through with that. When we shared the lesson with them,
his wife prayed to open the lesson which was a big shocker for us
because that’s just something she doesn’t do in front of people. We
left them with the invitation to go to church even though their family
was in town. On Sunday, the whole family showed up to church! We
didn’t think they’d make it because we’ve invited them tons of times
and they had an excuse. They really enjoyed it too, but they had to
leave after Sacrament to go be with their extended family, but they
wanted to come next week for the full time. Later that night we
recieved a phone call from them that really put the cherry on top. The
dad told us how he was thinking about us and thanked us for helping
them get to church, sharing his appreciation for what we do, and wanted
us to come over and meet his in-laws. The dad is a less-active member
that fell away from the church when he was around 14, and explained
how at church it brought back the memories of his childhood and how he
wanted to bring his family into the church. When we showed up that
night, his wife started talking to us about baptism and how she wanted
to be baptized so we set her with a date to prepare for. After working
with this family for so long and not seeing any progress, these last two
days have been awesome!
Also, we have another family that has been coming to church for the
last six weeks or so and they finally agreed to meet with us and so we
set up an appointment. It seems like they are all ready to be
baptized, we just need to share the missionary lessons with them.
We’ll see what they want.
There is also a lot of other just awesome things going on this week
that I don’t have the time to talk about, but I’m loving every second
of my mission and am so grateful for this oppurtunity to share what I
know to be true. That God is our loving Heavenly Father and Jesus
Christ, His son, is our Savior, that Joseph Smith restored the fullness
of the gospel of Jesus Christ back to the earth and that he translated
the Book of Mormon only through the power of God. I know that we have
a living prophet on the earth today, President Thomas S. Monson, and I
know that this church is true.
Anyway, I got to go. Please write!


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