Posted by: Elder Kenny Call | May 23, 2011

Family baptism this coming Saturday (Email 5/23/11)

This last week was great! We had 17 lessons that all went very good.
On Thursday I went on an exchange with Elder Juarez, our Zone Leader.
He’s pretty cool, and an amazing singer. He sang at every lesson we
taught on Thursday. Before his mission he even put a CD together with
his friends, the group being called 4ordained. It’s funny to see his
CD at the bookstore I’m using this computer at. Anyway, the exchange
went well. We also did some fun service this week. We did some weeding
and then helped one of the people we’re teaching set up a drip system
for his fruit trees.
It is now the last week of the transfer and there’s a lot to pack
into it! In the last few days we have 3 friends that were interviewed
for baptism and will be holding a baptism this Saturday (the 28th) for
all three of them! I am so excited for this family. They have changed
so much since we first met them. The dad was a less active member who
hadn’t been to church in around 15 years. It’s great to see the gospel
come back into his life. He has quit drinking, became a better father
(they play board games almost every night and are really close now),
He’s been free of smoking for the last 2 weeks, and is overall a
healthier and much happier person. Now his wife and 2 kids are getting
I’d love to go on and on today with so much to talk about but I’m out
of time. I just love being a missionary and think it is so awesome how
much the gospel blesses people in their lives.

-Elder Call


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