Posted by: Elder Kenny Call | July 25, 2011

Success with new companion

This week has been great. We have had a lot of success and I’m sure we will continue to have a lot more in the coming weeks. A few days ago we experienced some answers to our prayers. Usually every time before we get out of the car we say a prayer that we may be able to: have a good lesson or find the person home that were visiting, etc. Well, the other day when getting out of the car right after we prayed, the car of the person we wanted to visit pulled into the driveway and we got to talk to them. Then the next place we visited it happened again! Then we stopped by a less active member’s home who was trying to avoid the missionaries. From previous attempts we would stop by and see through the window that they were home and that they would hide. One of the kids would hide behind the wall and peek to see if we were still there. Elder Baratta, my last companion didn’t see her for the 7 months that he was here, but we stopped by again this time because the Bishop asked us to. When we knocked on the door, there was no answer. We decided to wait a minute and write a little note to put on the door. Then their neighbor pulled up and yelled, “she’s not home” so we turned around. Then he paused and said “but she’s right down the sidewalk”. We saw her and started walking torwards her. When she looked up and saw us she hesitated. It was pretty funny actually. She stopped, took a step back, right, left, and she had nowhere to go. So she kept walking torwards us. We just said hello and offered to do some service. We just talked with her a few minutes outside and she seemed very nice. Maybe she’ll stop hiding. 🙂

Other things this week.

Well, at dinner the other night i had to eat fish… ugh. I ate it though. Good thing they didn’t send me to somewhere foreign where all the food is gross.
We had a bunch of appointments
We received and contacted more referrals this week than I think I have in my entire mission experience so far
We got some awesome new investigators- info on them will come soon!
My companion is awesome! he just turned 1 year this week.
Everything has just been great!

Out of time!
-Elder Call


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