Posted by: Elder Kenny Call | August 1, 2011

Tough area. But area is turning around! :)

It’s been a very long week, but overall successful. It’s a tough area. Several times this week we have been approached by people asking us to leave an area while we were just on our way to visiting less active members. We even were approached by a policeman a few days ago! One time this week, we had just got out of the car and starting talking to the guy who was outside his car next to us in the parking lot. He was very friendly and had met with missionaries in the past. We were having a conversation about fishing or something like that for a few minutes when another random guy boldly walked up and interrupted “You guys aren’t supposed to be here.  I’m asking you to leave!” The other guy we were talking to stood up for us and was trying to explain to the guy but he kept interrupting “you’re not involved in this. I’m telling them to leave blah blah blah…” they started arguing about the constitution and a bunch of stuff while we just walked away and visited people.
Well, we had someone get confirmed this week. He was baptised, married, and then was gone for a while so were glad we finally got that taken care of.
I went on two exchanges this week. those were fun and I learned a lot of things from different people.
The area really is starting to turn around. were getting more people to teach.
and I’m out of time!
Elder Call

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