Posted by: Elder Kenny Call | August 9, 2011

P-Day on Tuesday/Zone Conference

P-day on Tuesday today (we had zone conf. yesterday). Now you don’t have to be sad about not getting an email yesterday 🙂
Let’s see, what to talk about…Oh, I found out the “Hotel California” as quoted from the song, is in our area, but its no longer a mental hospital. It actually is a university, Channel Islands University in fact. There is a lot of new housing over there and a good chunk of the members in the Camarillo 5th Ward live over there. Even one of our recent converts.
We had a nice treat the other day. We went down to Oxnard to have a meeting with the Zone Leaders (because my companion is a District Leader) so we got lunch when we were down there at Cafe Rio. When we went to go buy our food, the person at the register told us someone already bought our food for us, but we never figured out who. I thought that was really nice.
I was reading through the last conference Ensign the other day and I noticed a familiar face on the church stats report page. I’m pretty sure it’s Sister Felici. Check it out… if you haven’t noticed it already.
Dad, I remember you telling me about a missionary DVD you had made a bunch of copies of a while back. I think there is a big box of them in the storage room at your office? If you think it is a resource that can help missionary work over here please send me a copy. I don’t believe I’ve seen it, but I remember of you talking about it a long time ago.
Well, the news scattering around the members here is BYU vs UT on September 10th. It’s in Austin so I hope you’ve bought your tickets already! I already know of several families in the wards we serve in are heading down for the game. Hopefully y’all will be able to meet some of them and they’ll say hi for me.
Missionary work is going good this week. Zone conference was amazing and President Castro is really cool! We’ve been trying out some new ideas.
Anyway, out of time!
Love ya’ll,
-Elder Call
and thanks so much for the pictures! send more!

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