Posted by: Elder Kenny Call | August 29, 2011

Camarillo updates and working with Elders in Spanish speaking area!

We had a lot of things fall through this last week but it’s alright because we get another chance to see them all this week. Although a lot of things fell through, we still had several really good meetings! We had another good visit with this one part member family and we gave them the Book of Mormon story book. Their son was pretty happy about that. Hopefully we can get into their home and start teaching them soon. We also helped move quite a few people this week. Elder Bashein helped a lot even with only one hand! There was a non-member that we helped move in who had just got a job with Clark Pest Control.  Later we found out that he was taking the lessons in the last area he was in and that he’s close to baptism. We got the referral to help them move from one of the many LDS people he works with, but it turns out the other missionaries in our district get to teach them. We met with a new investigator this week out in Somis, and a brother in our ward who is a helicopter pilot for the county came with us. Turns out her son is his boss and he told her about Elder Bashein’s fall before we did. The lady we were teaching is quite old so we’ll teach the lessons and hope that they stick. Hopefully teaching her can open doors for the rest of her family.
Elder Bashein is doing pretty good. We just went to the doctor today and it turns out that he broke more than he thought. There are now two pieces in his hand he has to get surgically removed and hopefully that should all be over with next week.
So it looks like I get to go on an exchange tonight with the Zone leaders. It should be interesting spending the day in a Spanish speaking area. wish me luck!
Anyway, things are going great!
Elder Call


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