Posted by: Elder Kenny Call | September 5, 2011

Beautiful weather — and a miracle of the week!

So this week has been pretty good. I’m sure ya’ll would be jealous too to hear how nice the weather is here! 70-80 degrees every day! its beautiful!
On Tuesday I got to go on an exchange with the zone leader in Oxnard. It was interesting working in a Spanish speaking area for the day. I didn’t understand any of the Spanish. We went to this one house that gave me nightmares. The lady there wanted me to pick up a hymn book on her shelf. As I pulled it off I fell a bunch of little things crawling all over my hand. The book was just covered in tons of cockroaches.  ehhh. Then we sang to her in Spanish “called to serve”. I’m just glad our dinner appointment wasn’t at her house!
We went to go visit some recent converts this week who were sick and asked a blessing. When we got there they weren’t home but we visited with their neighbor and set up an appointment! That was our miracle of the week.
We helped our new neighbors move in this week. It’s nice to now have some LDS neighbors in the apartment next to us. They said we would be getting a lot of leftovers. mmmm food.


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