Posted by: Elder Kenny Call | September 20, 2011

Emergency Expo was a success! Plus new Book of Mormon class.

This week was pretty fun. On Saturday there was an emergency expo at the church that the City sponsored. There was a pretty good attendance. A helicopter landed at the event and the first person to get out was the stake president. The pilot is a member and a ward missionary so we get to work with him a lot. Other than the helicopter they had a bunch of cool things set up. I got to can some food, put out of fire, etc. We took a lot of cool pictures and got a bunch of free stuff. Overall, I think that this event had a really good impact on a lot of people.
On Thursday we started up a Book of Mormon class for all of the Camarillo area. The attendance was small, but there are sure to be more people next week. We set it up so that people can learn how to get a more effective study and a stronger desire to read. The first class went great and over the next 7 weeks we will be having different people come in and teach at a new angle.
Elder Bashein is doing pretty good now. He gets his stiches out today from his hand. He should be back to 100% soon.
-Elder Call


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