Posted by: Elder Kenny Call | October 11, 2011

A great first week in Lompoc!

It’s been a good week here in Lompoc. The weather is not as nice as Camarillo but It’s not bad. It seems to rain a lot here though. It rained pretty good two days this last week. I’m getting used to this area alright. I’m picking up names of people here pretty fast which is unusual for me but I’m happy about that. This place is a little scary at night, we’ve heard a few gun shots in the nearby area but we should be fine. The bike is beating me up pretty good. I’m sore all the time. Hopefully I’ll do better with it in the coming weeks. I know that this is where the Lord wants me to be and I’ll keep pushing through it and do my best.

We’ve got a lot of work done this last week. We’ve done a lot of tracting, street contacting and declaring the Gospel in these last few days. We’ve set up a lot of appointments. it’s great! I’ve been privileged to follow-up train Elder Wenz. He’s an excellent missionary who is very obedient, diligent and hard working. He’s helping me a lot with learning the area and always knows what to do.

For our miracle of the week we had a lesson with this guy named Scott. Right before the lesson we had with him at the church he cut off his mohawk, and biked over to Walmart to buy a button up shirt (which is a pretty good distance). When he came to the lesson he told us that he had quit smoking. Scott has made such a major turn around in his life and it’s crazy how fast too. All his family is coming in for his baptism in November and he’s really looking forward to it. All the hard work really pays off when we have great lessons like we did with Scott this week.

Anyway, my email time is up!
-Elder Call


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