Posted by: Elder Kenny Call | October 24, 2011

21 lessons in a week–my new record!

Well it’s been a good week here work-wise. I’d say 21 lessons in a week is my record. My first week here we only had 7 lessons so things are really stepping up here. Our investigators are doing great. Scott is continuing to progress great towards baptism. He’s doing well with his personal reading of the Book of Mormon, and is all ready for baptism. He’s just waiting now for his family to come in late November. Terry is also doing pretty good. She’s also on track to get baptized in late November. We had an interesting lesson with Donny last night. It was my first time meeting him and he’s very nice but has really deep questions that come out like crazy. We could talk about just one verse of scripture for hours. He had two dogs that were very distracting. One I thought was going to pass out because he was breathing so fast and loud. The other big dog kept jumping up trying to give us a hug during the lesson. haha. It made it hard to focus on his questions. Oh well…
On Thursday we had exchanges with the District leader. I got to go in their area which was a good break because they had a car. I finally got to see the other side of Lompoc. It’s a lot different than the area that Elder Wenz and I work in.
Well, out of time.
-Elder Call

Elder Call and Elder Wenz with Scott (minus his mohawk!) 🙂



  1. I like it keep up the good work Elder Call.

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