Posted by: Elder Kenny Call | October 31, 2011

Trunk or Treat and Missionary Work!

Well it’s been a good week here in Lompoc. On Saturday we got to go on an exchange with Elder Prete, one of our zone leaders. It went really good. Also on Saturday the ward here had a trunk or treat. There was a lot of people who attended, including less actives and non-members. We were able to set up a missionary booth with pass along materials and other good stuff. The food at the event was also pretty good. I always love it when the church here puts on activities. It’s always a great opportunity for missionary work.

On Thursday we got a ride up to Santa Maria where we had a tri-zone meeting. The road there was pretty cool. It was long and windy road through the mountains. Once we got there the main focus of the meeting was on health. They talked a lot about keeping our apartments clean, not keeping pets like bed bugs, roaches, and mold. One of the quotes was Good health must be earned. They also talked about nutrition, and exercise. anyway, it was an interesting meeting and I learned a lot.
Now I’m ready now for another great week!
-Elder Call



  1. I like it keep up the good work Elder Call

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