Posted by: Elder Kenny Call | December 19, 2011

Things are warming up in Lompoc! :)

This week has been really good here in Lompoc. Were getting things warming up again. Hopefully that continues. We tracted a bunch this week and we found a new person to teach so I’m way happy about that. He’s in his 20s and is going to Allen Hancock College. He lives with his parents and they would not be open with us being there so we have to find a way around that, but Arthur seems like he’s pretty solid. We had some people we were teaching drop us this week. It was kind of sad the way they did it because we were teaching them for so long. They put their 3 year old on the phone to say we were not allowed to come over anymore. Oh well. On a good note, we have been rebuilding trust with investigators that were dropped in the past because they were insulted by previous missionaries. They should make it back into the teaching pool soon. Terry is still doing good, keep praying for her! Scott is doing incredible. He blesses the sacrament every Sunday.  anyway, I’m out of time but things are going great. Elder Humphreys is a wonderful companion. We get stuff done! -Elder Call And Merry Christmas!


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