Posted by: Elder Kenny Call | January 2, 2012

Great week in new area!

It’s been a good week here in Paso Robles. It’s a pretty nice town. Our area that we cover is big. It seems like a good chunk of the ward lives 15-21 miles away. We get to go around in a truck… every other day. We are sharing the vehicle with the Paso Robles 1st ward Elders (they live with us in our apartment). We are on bike the other days. The ward here is great. It’s a smaller ward, but the members are very nice and supportive. We got a great ward mission leader too.

This week we have had a lot of miracles. When I first got here my companion was telling me we had nothing going on. Next thing you know we have six referrals to contact. We picked up two new investigators this week. The lessons we had with them were alright. One of them is a 16 year old girl named Courtney. We taught her and her dad at the door. Apparently a girl in our ward is friends with her and sent the referral through the MTC. We are planning on setting up the next lesson with her in her friends home. The other investigator we picked up (also a referral from church headquarters) is interesting. His name is Tito. He has some mental issues, but I think he gets it. At the end of the lesson with him he told me that he thinks I’m his son… that was weird.

Currently I’m follow-up training Elder Shurtz and he is a great companion. He’s very optimistic which is great. Working with him has been fun. Tracting may not be my favorite thing to do, but together we were having a good time, and good success too. We got about eight people that said we could come back at another time. I’ve never seen tracting come out so good. The people here are just so nice. Everyone is very friendly at the door, even if their not interested.

We had some success the last few days contacting less active members of the church as well. We set up some appointments with a few of them. Last night we visited two people just randomly from the ward directory and got in with both of them. One of them was less active for four years so far and was just thinking recently that he should go back to church. Us showing up was a good sign for him :). Hopefully we’ll see him this Sunday.

As soon as I learn the area a little bit I think things will start going real good here. There is a ton of potential. I’m looking forward to another great week.

-Elder Call



  1. Dear Elder Call:
    Sounds like you are having a GREAT success in your new area. That is wonderful, we ask our prayers every night that you will be guided to the doors of people that are seeking the gospel and that you can help.
    We know that you are a fantastic missionary and I know that you and your companion will do GREAT things there.
    We hope that you had a GREAT Christmas as you are serving. We send you best wishes and hope that you have enjoyed the holidays. I will be sending the package on Tuesday. I have been a bit slow this year as too many things going on. Ed had to go to the body parts department and get a new hip and he we were in in Seattle for 19 days. But he is on the mend and is doing very well not even using a cane. We are blessed and are most grateful for the body parts department.
    We send you our love and know that you will be outstanding. Take care and keep those number increasing with teaching lessons.
    Love You,
    Ed and Jan

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