Posted by: Elder Kenny Call | January 24, 2012

Mission Tour/The most successful week teaching!

We had a lot of things happen this week. On Monday we got to over to the Morro Bay area and see elephant seals. Those things are pretty gross looking. We also did some other fun things while we were over there.
On Thursday we had a mission tour. I drove the truck all the way down to Ventura and back that day but it was well worth the 6+ hours in the car. 7 zones of missionaries were there. We got to hear from a General Authority, Elder Zwik of the 70. He shared some great stories and all of us left uplifted. It was also good to see all the missionaries there that I’ve served around and to hear who’s gotten baptized in previous areas I’ve been in that I helped teach.
On Sunday we had Stake Conference in Atascadero and got to hear from Elder Edwards, another 70. It was a great meeting.
This week overall has also been the most successful week teaching for me and Elder Shurtz here in Paso. We have seemed to pick up a new solid investigator every week since I’ve been here. I’m looking forward to another great week!


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