Posted by: Elder Kenny Call | January 31, 2012

Another loaded week!

It’s been another loaded week!
On Tuesday I got to go on an exchange with our District/Zone Leader Elder Casteneda. It went pretty good. Elder Casteneda is a great Elder and I am glad to be serving around him and Elder Peterson again. We had good times together in Oildale, Bakersfield. On Thursday we got to work with one of the Assistants to the President, Elder Honken. It was a great day. Our Book of Mormon class seemed at it’s fullest this last week. It was great to see all the people that came. We all struggled through reading an Isiah chapter but Elder Honken brought up some great points. Good thing he was there.

We met with David S. again (been in and out investigating for the last 2.5 years.) We had a good lesson with him. He wants to have the spirit more, but isn’t willing AT ALL to quit smoking until after he’s off probation (because he knows that he can’t get baptized until his time is up). He keeps coming to church for the most part. One of these days he’ll get baptized.

Debbie A. is doing great. She was a less active member for 25ish years, but now comes to church, lessons, activities etc. with so much enthusiasm. We shared with her the Plan of Salvation this last week and I think that comforted her a lot because her husband comitted suicide a few years ago. She had a lot of questions that we were able to help answer.

On Sunday we had quite a few less active members at church that we were super happy to see.

This next week should be good. We’ve planned to teach around 30 people. We’ll see if we can get in contact with all those people. I’m looking forward to a great week to finish up the transfer!
-Elder Call


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