Posted by: Elder Kenny Call | February 8, 2012

And it came to pass that I was transferred for the 5th time!

I was definitely surprised when the phone call came today that I’m getting transferred to Morro Bay. I’ve only been here 6 weeks! I was just starting to get to know my way around! Oh, well. The Lord needs me other places. I am going to miss this area a lot though.  It’s been really nice to serve here in Paso. The teaching pool has grown so much since I got here that its hard to let go already.
This last week we worked hard, we planned lessons for 30 different people in our weekly planning, but we couldn’t catch anyone home! On the bright side there is a lot of good potential for this next week. It will start off good tonight, I know that! A member of our ward is hosting family home evening at the culinary kitchen. It should be a lot of fun. We have invited a lot of less active members and some of our investigators as well. This ward is the best I’ve seen at fellow-shipping!  Elder Shurtz and his new companion will be left in good hands.

Debbie A. is doing great. She is so active with everything church! She’s still working on her testimony but step by step she’ll get there. The Slanes are now activating. They’ve come to church the last 2 weeks after we met with them. We invited Bro. Wood to an activity tonight and he’s coming! It would be great to see him come back to church. We finally saw Jay D. this week and hopefully we can get him coming to sacrament meeting. We found out that he has Sunday mornings off until 12. David G. is moving to Templeton Ward boundaries (in our apartment complex) I hope that things work out alright there. It means that he’ll have to drive all the way to Atascadero to got to church.  David S. was at church yesterday which was good to see him there. We set up an appointment for this next week.
We had a mini miracle this last week meeting a less active who said she was about to call the church to send the missionaries over because she wants to come back. That was really cool.  Jasmine will be new to the teaching pool this next week. She’s dating a member of the Spanish branch and has really good potential. That will be a great opportunity for Elder Shurtz and his new companion to teach.
This list can keep going on and on but I’m out of time.

I look forward to serving in my new area with my new companion. It’s been great being with Elder Shurtz. I’ve learned a lot from him.  Morro Bay should be cool. From what I hear, we get a car everyday and It’s a beautiful area. We went there to go see the elephant seals a few weeks ago, so I’ve already got a glimpse of what it’s going to be like.

It’s been a great year serving the Lord. 5 areas, 11 companions. crazy… Well, I know the church is true and am so grateful to be serving a mission. I hope ya’ll have a great week!
Elder Call



  1. Elder Call, keep up the good work….YOU ROCK!

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