Posted by: Elder Kenny Call | February 13, 2012

Ocean view apartment/Teaching in Spanish!!!

Early Tuesday morning I arrived in Morro Bay, and let me tell you, it is a beautiful place! We have a very nice place to live with a great ocean view. My new companion is Elder Ariaz. He is a convert to the church (as of about 3 years ago) and he is from Colorado. He’s been serving in the Morro Bay area for the last 6 months and now I’m here with him as senior companion. Last Sunday everyone thought he was getting transferred and they were all shocked to see him still in the area. He’s a lucky guy to still be here.
The area we serve in is pretty big. We cover 5 cities! Morro Bay, Cayucos, Cambria, San Simeon, and Los Osos. We are also very close to San Luis Obisbo (that’s where I am for email). Because of our large area we get a car. It might be switched with a truck soon though because some of the terrain is kinda rough. We just got a flat tire yesterday so now we need to take care of that…
It’s been a good week. Things are going well here. I’m adjusting alright to the new area, but was surprised to find out that most of our investigators speak Spanish. My first day here we taught our first lesson in Spanish. It’s been a little bit different trying to teach some lessons in Spanish seeing how me nor Elder Ariaz don’t speak any. It’s going well though. This week we looked up scriptures in English and powered through trying to pronounce them in a Spanish Book of Mormon. The younger kids in the family help us a lot because they are bilingual. We are trying to get Spanish speaking members to translate for us during the lessons. We’ll see how that goes. Our main focus right now is finding people we can teach in the language we know. Elder Hartly (the spanish speaking Elder I replaced) did a great job making lists of people we should visit. We plan on visiting the ones that haven’t been visited yet, clean up the ward list, help reactivate the ones that haven’t moved, and ask for referrals. That should keep us busy! It would be good for Elder Ariaz too because I don’t think he’s been able to help teach much in lessons with his Spanish-speaking companions.
Me and Elder Ariaz get along great. We’ve practiced teaching in the morning and seem to be picking up alright as far as teaching together. This should be a great transfer for us. There’s a lot of good things to come! The mission is going great and the church is true!
-Elder Call



  1. Elder Call, SPANISH????? A big surprise huh? I know that has got to be a challenge, but I bet you can pick up the pace and do a good job…. You have worked so hard and I can’t believe that you have served so many months now. You are one up-beat missionary and I know in your Ward love you like we all do here in Texas.

    We still have “Sister’ missionaries serving here in our Ward and it’s been nice. We don’t get the opportunity to have the sisters very often. One played the violin on Sunday….excellent.

    Take care and know that you are one of our FAVORITE VALENTINES……

    Love you Elder,
    Aunt Donna

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