Posted by: Elder Kenny Call | March 18, 2012

Elder L. Tom Perry visits mission/On foot for awhile :(

No week ever is the same that’s for sure. A lot happened this week. We got interviews from the Mission President and then the whole mission gathered to hear from an Apostle of the Lord. I’m very glad that Elder L. Tom Perry came. After hearing him speak and shaking his hand, I had a reaffirmed testimony that God has called living Apostles to the earth today. After he talked to all the missionaries, he spoke to the ward leaders later in the day about missionary work so it should motivate our ward leaders to help us out a little bit. We’ve been working hard trying to get to know all the less actives (especially part-member families) and help them come back to church. The problem is our 24 page ward directory is soo out of date. We visited many homes over the last transfer and submitted the people who have moved out on Sunday. The ward directory is now 20 pages and will possibly be even less pages by the time I leave Morro Bay (hoping that I get another transfer here). We haven’t had a whole lot of success yet with teaching the less active members (because most have moved out), but we’ll get there soon. We had a miracle this week contacting an inactive member in Los Osos. The person we had originally planned to visit moved, but the person who moved in was also an inactive member of the Church with a desire to come back. Hopefully we’ll see her at church this week and then start teaching her family.

This week might be a little more difficult (assuming that we are going to be on foot all week). A teenage girl backed into our car while we were in a dinner appointment and crushed up the driver door. The only way to open it is from the inside. It will probably be in the shop for a while.

Elder Ariaz had an idea this week to work with active members of the ward this week. He set up a bunch of appointments and we taught a message about missionary work. Hopefully they keep their commitments and pray about someone who needs the gospel in their lives and how they are going to help them.

We also had a good opportunity for service this week. We went around collecting canned goods for charity and then offered to share a message about Jesus Christ. It worked out good.

Well, all is well! Email y’all more next week. 

Elder Call


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