Posted by: Elder Kenny Call | March 26, 2012

Beautiful new area/things are going well!

I’m adjusting to the new area alright. Carpinteria is another beautiful area that I have been lucky to serve in. We live a small apartment upstairs in an old Victorian home built in the 1800’s. The old yellow house has quite a history. It was actually moved from one part of town to another. Electricians sat on the roof and cut the power lines as it went down the street. Because of the size of the house I have no idea how they moved it. The member of the church who lives in the house is 92 years old and occasionally comes up to tell us some of his cool war stories.

My new companion is Elder Crandall and he’s awesome.   I’m sure you would never guess where he’s from:  Utah!  We get along really well. I can tell it’s going to be a very good transfer.

The ward here is great. It’s the smallest congregation that I’ve seen so far on my mission (out of 7) but the people here have great hearts. During my first day here we received a phone call that one of the members that had set up a teaching appointment for us and all we had to do was show up and teach.  I was fine with that!

There is an” alright” teaching pool here, but were probably going to clean it out a little bit. It seems like there are a lot of eternagators. We’ll see if they keep commitments because it doesn’t look like they’ve been extended any. We’ve had a busy week and its refreshing to have people that listen to us. We have also got a lot done with the area book this week. We’ve got brand new ward directories, we divided them all up with colors, marking in the actives, less actives, part-members etc. Now that we got that all organized planning to visit less actives should be a lot easier. We still have a lot to do with the area book. It doesn’t seem that hardly any of the former investigators have drop reasons so we’re going to fix that all up in the coming weeks.

Anyway, things are going great!

Elder Call


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