Posted by: Elder Kenny Call | April 2, 2012

Two more upcoming baptisms/General Conference/Volleyball activity

Another Good week! General Conference was great. I’m sad it’s already over but I’ve got good notes. I just think that it’s such a blessing that we can listen to a living Prophets voice in these days.

I’m starting to get to know the area a little bit better. Most of the people we’re teaching we are probably going to drop from our teaching pool soon but we do have some people that are progressing.
Sharry R. is someone we have had two lessons with so far and she seems really interested. Last time we met with her she didn’t want us to stop teaching! She’s older though and thinks Church starts too early. A member of the church has been fellowshipping her very good and has her over for scripture study a few times a week.

Melany S. is a 14yr old that we’re teaching. While the last missionaries in this area were doing their weekly planning in the Church building she knocked on the door and wanted to learn more. She went to Church a few times in Mexico and said that she felt the Spirit. She is Catholic but said that she never felt the spirit before like she did at our Church. We had a lesson with her this week and her mom came for the first time (who doesn’t speak much English). We had a member come with us and he talked in Spanish the majority of the meeting and completely switched what our plans were. The good news is that he invited Melany’s mother to take the discussions with the Spanish missionaries and she was interested. We contacted the Spanish elders right away and they now have an appointment set up. Her daughter (Melany) wants to continue the lessons in English. They both seem pretty solid. In fact, we set Melany with a baptismal date this week.

One thing we did this week was we had a member print out a bunch of flyers with General Conference info on it. We placed a ton of them this week going door to door. We didn’t see anyone show up at the church but hopefully someone watched it on TV or online.

We’ve been trying to get volleyball up and going again this week. It was something that previous missionaries got started in this area and has been successful in bringing less active and non members into the church. Our ward missionaries were pushing that we get it going again so we did. The show was small this week but I’m sure it will grow in the coming weeks. Most of the group stays for a short message afterward.

Everything here is going great. Hope all is well for ya’ll.

-Elder Call


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