Posted by: Elder Kenny Call | April 16, 2012

Teaching Pool is increasing!

It was a great week. One of the busiest we’ve had in a while. Our teaching pool has grown a little bit and hopefully even more by next week. We had a really good lesson with Melany this week. I was talking to one of the youth in the ward last week about missionary opportunities. He so happened to be in the Church at the time of our lesson with Melany and so we invited him to sit in. It was a surprise to find out that he actually knew her from school. In the lesson we talked about God’s great plan of happiness and it went really well. She agreed with everything and didn’t have any questions. Brother Snelling, one of the ward missionaries, was there too. He’s a pretty cool guy. He owns a ton of avocado trees and lets us go pick them and hand them out to the people were teaching. We also do service at his house sometimes having fun taking care of and chasing around the chickens.

Today we get to go up to Santa Ynez (near Lompoc and Solvang) for a Zone Activity. I’m looking forward to that! Looks like I’m out of time, so to wrap things up, everything is going great!

-Elder Call



  1. Dear Elder Call: I always look forward to hearing from you and what is going on in your mission area. Soundl like that you are have a wonderful time and expanding your teaching pool by having more people to teach that is GREAT. It is always a wonderful thing to see the Lords work and to watch how it grows right in front of our eyes… We know that you are one awesome missionary and will touch many peoples lives by serving. Planting the seed is so importand and you will do and excellen job as you serve. We pray for you daily and know that you will be lead to the doors and interact with the people that are seeking to hear the gospel. We send you our love and know that you will always do GREAT Love you, Ed and Jan

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