Posted by: Elder Kenny Call | April 23, 2012

Busy week!

So this week…
We had our first investigator at church so far this transfer.  Sharry R. was able to come for Sacrament Meeting. It was good to see her there. Hopefully she can stay longer next week.
Melany is doing good but still hasn’t come to church here yet. We were hoping that she went to the Spanish Ward with her mom this week (because her mom wants her to go with her the first time that she goes to church), but she didn’t. She had surgery this week on her ear and it was giving her some pain but I think she will go next week. After she goes to the Spanish Ward with her mom she will attend our congregation from then on. Her mom was set for baptism on May 26th I think, so we were going to move Melany to that date. We figured it would be best for them to be baptized together when that time comes even though it would be in two different languages. We had a great lesson with her this week on the Gospel of Jesus Christ. We have another good lesson planned for our next appointment on Tuesday.

Volleyball this week was really good. The last few weeks it was falling apart, but this week there was a great turn out.  If it continues like this, we may see more people at church soon.
A crazy thing happened while we were in La Conchita this week. We got out of the car and this drunk guy walked up to us and started talking to us. He had a beer in one hand and a dagger in the other hand. I was worried if he was going to try to do something. Then a little girl walked up to him and started talking to him. We were later told that he was one of the most trusted guys in the neighborhood. ha ha. So much for getting scared.

We got a cool referral this week from one of our investigators. There is a man here in town that we met and he found an old Book of Mormon for $3 that’s worth 5-10k. We talked to him about it and gave him a new copy that he could compare it with. He was pretty cool. We’ll follow-up and see what he thought.

This week it was great to see non-members at church. Last Sunday we went out tracting/ street contacting and a guy pulled over and asked us what time church was at. Well, he came this week. He was a recent convert that just moved here from Nevada and he brought friends with him to church. They stayed all three hours which was cool. In Elders Quorum they picked up some good fellowships that are going to teach them how to surf. Maybe we’ll get lessons started with them soon.

On Wednesday we had exchanges. I got to spend the day in the Goleta/ Isla Vista area. It was a lot of fun working over there for the day and we had a ton of appointments. It’s given me some ideas for the Carpinteria area.

Every day I find out more and more about the area. From what I’ve found, there is a lot of “anti” things going around here about our church. A few doors in a row we found people trying to tell us all these lies about our Church and it made me sad that people actually believe this material which is so ridiculously false. There is this one church here that is really strong and they act differently than any other anti-Mormons that I’ve talked to. They always invite us in pretending to have a sincere desire to learn about the Mormons but then the second you teach they know exactly how to respond (not cool). They take classes to know what to say to us. We’ve got hit with a few hard door approaches this week,  but we keep working hard. I know that this work IS the work of God and that the message we bring will help people find the most joy.



  1. Elder Call, Hang in there……people can be very narrow minded. They only know the lies that they have been told. Try to be really cool and plant a seed or two….you never know.

    Love and miss you,
    Aunt Donna

  2. WOW sounds like you are haviing a GREAT time and lots of experiences, It always seems like that you will run into someone that is anti against the church and that always us feel sad as what they have to say isn’t true. I know though that you will have the right answers fir them the Lord will bless you to say what you need too.
    I love to hear about te now investigators that are coming out to meetings and they will get the seeds planted to help them to know that the gospel is true. You are a wonderful missionary and I know that you will some baptism soon with the new people coming out to church.
    We always remember you in our prayers and know that the Lord will bless you and your companion to be led to the doors that are seeking to know about the gospel. We send you our love and know that you will be eternally blessed for serving our Heavenly Father. Take care and have a SUPER week Love you, Ed and Jan

    • Elder Call: I just wanted you to know after I read what I wrote I did notice that I cannot spell very well. It must be my age or I am trying to type toooooo fast ??????? Love Jan

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