Posted by: Elder Kenny Call | April 30, 2012

And the transfer call came……

Well the call came this morning and I definitely feel relieved to find out that I don’t have to pack up again. I’m grateful to stay here another transfer with Elder Crandall and serve the people of Carpinteria. This last week didn’t turn out as good as we anticipated, we had many cancelled appointments, but the good news is that we got some good appointments set up for next week. On Sunday I was asked to speak in the ward here for twenty minutes. This week i had focused my studies on preparing a message that would motivate the ward towards missionary work and it looks like it did something. Everyone came up to me and made comments about my talk. Even non-members there i had never met. They liked my stories. Maybe we’ll get some new investigators soon from it.  It also helps that we finally got a ward mission leader. We had our first correlation meeting since I’ve been here right after Church. Sure enough our ward mission leader is Brother Snelling, I’m sure I’ve talked to you about how he’s helped up in previous emails. He’s great. He’s motivated to do a great job with his calling so I’m excited.

Sharry came to Church this Sunday which was great. She told the member that picked her up that she wants to be baptized so that’s great news. I still don’t know how much she remembers from what we taught her but at least she has a desire to come unto Christ.

Now Melany… we have no idea what is going on here. She cancelled two appointments this week. Now she and her mom’s phones don’t work and the Spanish Elders said that a member from the Spanish Branch saw them and talked to them and that they are moving. She went from our #1 investigator to just vanishing… hopefully she will still meet with missionaries where she moves too.

One thing members in our ward are starting up is a community garden right behind the church. They tilled the ground this week and will start planting soon. So far four non-members are getting involved. I’m sure there are more to come. This could be a great missionary opportunity.

On Sunday we had a great Ward Council. During the meeting, the 2nd counselor said that his wife was speaking and that his less active son was going to be there. He wanted us to catch him before he left and invite him to let us “practice” our missionary lessons with him. We we ran out to the parking lot after the first hour of church and talked to him. He agreed to meet with us. That was a cool miracle.

On Thursday we were invited to teach seminary (I thought we got up early… ha ha) The lesson was of course on missionary work and I thought it went really well. It would be great to see the youth bring in friends to Church.

Today we’re going up the canyon to visit with one of the families in the ward. They have this sweet metal shop. Last Monday we started working on something pretty cool. We’re going to try to finish it today. I’ll send a picture soon.

Well, things are good. Have a good week!

Elder Call


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