Posted by: Elder Kenny Call | May 7, 2012

We have a wonderful message to share!

Lots of things have happened this week. We’ve had a roller coaster of news come to us. First we were going to get this new investigator who was all ready to go, and then they ended up moving to a different area. As long and that person gets meeting with the missionaries though that’s great.

Melany we were able to get back in contact with (a miracle!). We set up two appointments this week but they were both cancelled (aww).  At this point its hard to know if she is playing that she’s interested or that she is just busy. We had it all set up to see her at church and meet in a members home right after. Then the night before she said that she couldn’t make it because she was going to be in Mexico. It’s good to know that her and her Mom’s phones are working now (not that that does us any good while they are in Mexico) but they seem to be disappearing as far as their interest goes.

Sharry R. seems to be doing pretty good. We had a lesson with her this week and it was one of the best lessons that we’ve had with her. She seemed to pick up and understand a little bit more this time. She has now come to Church three times in a row. She’s progressing now and we’re going to retry setting her with a baptism date to work towards.

With the McQuary’s this week we were able to teach the first lesson. They have been on focus for a while and they agreed to hear the lessons from us. They seem to be adjusting to coming back to church alright. It’d be good to see them stay all three hours. That’s the next goal.

We added a new less active member to our teaching pool this week. He seems a little unstable but i think he has a good chance of coming back. He’s taken the first step of agreeing to meet with us.

Yesterday we got an appointment set up with a former investigator. That was cool. It’s always nice to have new people to teach! I just wish more people would agree to meet with us. We have such a wonderful message and so many people have false ideas about it, so they say they’re not interested. When someone says they are not interested at the door it makes me think,” What? Your not interested in finding out yourself whether or not Christ’s one true Church is on the earth?”  I know that this message is true, and it has blessed me so much throughout my life. I know that if people would ponder and pray about our message they could know it’s true too! What better way to find out the truth than through prayer!


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