Posted by: Elder Kenny Call | June 18, 2012

New companion/New investigators!

My new companion is Elder Brinkerhoff. Today is actually his birthday. He turned 22. He’s been out in the mission the same time as Elder Crandall (9 months) and actually graduated from the same high school as him (so he’s from Utah).

We have had a really good week. We have 3 new Investigators. One of them is from The Church of Reality and gave us a list of scriptures that can be interpreted against our teachings so I don’t think we’ll be seeing him anytime soon. He’s not seeking, it seems like he just wants to prove us wrong. The other two are doing really good.
We have some good things going. Missionary work is really firing up this week with the Ward here. We have some new ideas that we’ll be trying out soon. We have some kits that were giving to members with pass-a-long cards, We have some speakers we’re trying to get to come here. One of them is a world-known scientist. Lots of good things happening. We’re working hard and getting things done!
-Elder Call


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