Posted by: Elder Kenny Call | July 17, 2012

A wonderful week!

It’s been a wonderful week. We got more done this week than we normally get done in 3 weeks. It’s been great. This has definitely been the most successful week that I’ve had while I’ve been in Carpinteria.

I’ve done a lot of baking during lunchtime this week. It started off as me just wanting some cookies. Then It became something to help us get in contact with people. For instance, there is a less active member who every time we call says, “um, can you call me back next Friday?” Well, it became the same thing every week. Then when we called this week she said the same thing. I went on to say, “Well, I just made some cookies today and they won’t be fresh anymore by then”. She invited us right over after I said that. ha ha. Who doesn’t want cookies?

This week was our last week that we helped out at EFY. It was fun. Those kids are going to be great missionaries.

All our Investigators are doing great, we got some new people were teaching this week, and a lot of great things are getting set up.
-Elder Call


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