Posted by: Elder Kenny Call | July 24, 2012

Crazy week — UFO’s, gummy bears, dog attacks and all!

This week has had it’s ups and downs but overall it was a good week. The transfer call came around 8:45 this morning and to my surprise I’m not getting transferred! So that now makes Carpinteria the longest area I have served in officially. Elder Brinkerhoff however is going and I guessed the area he’s headed to right. He’s off to Agora Hills. I’m going to miss Elder Brinkerhoff but he is going to do great things in his new area.
There have been some changes this week. Elvis is now gone, Will isn’t answering the door, Melany dropped us in a text message, Sharri keeps changing her mind (very unstable)- she does not want to get baptized at the current moment but earlier this week she did? She keeps being anti’d by her roomate. ugh.
On the bright side we received three referrals this week. The Carpinteria Ward is doing a lot better being missionary minded. The referrals are proving it and the missionary kits we have been doing are working great. We met with the less-active family this week. They seem to have taken a step backward into coming back into activity but we’re not giving up yet. The husband who is not a member seems to be opening up a little.
We got a new investigator this week named Ryan. He’s currently looking at our message in an intellectual level but he’s open so he could figure it out. Abdul, our Muslim friend has been asking a lot of good questions in the lesson that we have had with him this week. He believes in the Book of Mormon, but not enough to be baptized. I don’t know if we will be having any more lessons with him though cause he’s moving.
On Friday I was sick with something weird (aches and 102 fever) but the miracle was that I was able to go back to work the next day.
There have been a lot of weird things this week. One of the weirdest was that I think we saw a UFO. My companion pointed in the sky and said “what’s that?” I looked up and saw an airplane and let him know that that’s what it was. Than he said “no, that” pointing to something else. It was this super bright orange light that was traveling towards us a lot faster than the airplane was. Then one a dime it turned around and got smaller until it vanished. Weird, but whatever. I guess a lot of people see “sightings” here. Before we saw that, someone was telling us about a even weirder story that they saw a few weeks earlier. Another experience we had this week happened while we were out talking to people we walked past some people having a party and we got offered gummy bears. They kept pushing it but it was suspicious because they had it on a cookie sheet. I guess they were filled with alcohol. Someone must thing they are funny trying to trick missionaries but we didn’t fall for it. 🙂
I’ve been getting a little better at playing the piano not that I have any time to practice. just 5 minutes at the piano here and there. I’ve played in district meeting a couple times and now Bishop has been asking me to play during Church when the men meet together. I’m not really comfortable doing that but he made me yesterday. I only know a few songs so we’ll see how long he keeps calling me up to play the piano.
Every missionary has there experiences with dogs and I thought I was lucky that I hadn’t had a bad experience yet. Well, This was the week! A dog bit and ripped my pants… grrrr oh well.
Well I think that’s enough stories for this week!
-Elder Call

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