Posted by: Elder Kenny Call | August 1, 2012

New “Golden” referral and helped a Catholic Priest move!


This week has been good. I am happy to be serving with Elder Hatch. We get along great and work together really well. It’s going to be a great transfer. We have some good plans for this upcoming week. It should be great. We got a really solid referral (Golden) from the Spanish Elders that we are going to be meeting with on Wednesday. His name is Daniel. The Spanish speaking Elders taught him about the restoration of the Gospel in English and one of them replied, “It felt so good to teach someone in English, I actually could follow the whole lesson”. haha, He has just been out on his mission a short time and is struggling with his Spanish still. 

This week it looks like our investigator Will is finally moving, as well as a few others that we’re teaching. We got to meet his son named Launce. He normally lives with his mom in Las Vegas and is just visiting his dad for a short time. He doesn’t know if he believes in God so I feel we were able to plant a good seed. 
We haven’t heard anything from Sharry in a while. She hasn’t answered our phone calls or the door. She was doing great, had a baptism date to prepare for, was coming to church every week, and then I don’t know what happened. 
We had a good lesson with Martin this week on the plan of Salvation. We found out that he works with some members of our congregation so I thought that was cool. He goes back to work next week so meeting with him might be a little more difficult but We’ll make something work. 
Elder Hatch spoke in Church this week. He did a really good job. Our studies this week involved preparing for that, and that’s about it. I’m glad that’s over with and that we can have normal studies. His talk had a very good effect on the ward. It was a good missionary Sunday.
We did Service one day this week that took 5 hours. it was crazy. Some old Catholic priest was moving from an upstairs apartment. He had SOO much stuff. It was just us and 1 other person that was there. ya.

-Elder Call



  1. Elder Call: It is always so good to hear from you and all that you are doing in the mission field. It is so good to hear that you have helped a Catholic Priest that is GREAT I bet that he will never forget this time in his life.
    We were able to see your folks this week and that was wonderful to be down on the farm.. Oh the memories there are ever lasting. As Kenny is preparing to go on his mission this is exciting times for the Call family. You have such wonderful parents they are wonderful…. We are tending to Bailey for a few days and she is hopefully having a good time.
    I know that you are such a strong missionary and that you will be blessed the rest of your life for giving 2 years of your life to the Lord and his kingdom. We are so proud of you and all of your experiences that you seem to handle with ease, even the dog bite… Well it sounds like a new pair of pants are in order.
    Take care we love hearing from you, take care and we send you our love !!
    Love Ed & Jan

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