Posted by: Elder Kenny Call | August 6, 2012

A good week! Upcoming Harvest BBQ.

This week was good. Sharry is starting to turn back around. We were able to pray with her and share a short message. She was very appreciative. I could see that she developed some hope after our visit. Sharry has been very down with this whole cancer thing. When we first talked to her she was talking like she wasn’t going to make it and then after the prayer she was ready to make it through. She goes to the cancer center tomorrow and starts her treatment i think.
We talked with a guy in La Conchita whose family was investigating the Church in the past. He said that his daughter is very interested and is going to give us a call soon to get the lessons going again. We were way excited to hear that. We’ll see what happens this week. The best things is tons of members live right there and we can just walk over to have lessons in a member home.
We are still working with less actives as a finding tool. Some things might be starting to turn up. We talked with Sister Fong, an active member about teaching her family. Her husband is less active and her two sons are not members yet. They are 10 and 13 and they both seem to want to be baptized. They just have really crazy schedules with tennis.
We went on a walk with sister Sandra who is less active and set up a time to watch the Joseph Smith Prophet of the Restoration movie with her and her husband who is not a member. She was talking about how Joseph Smith wasn’t her “favorite” prophet so I think this should help her testimony a lot and may gather her husbands interest.
We have lots of other things we are working on too. This week we have a good excuse to visit a lot of people with a ward activity coming up. Were doing another BBQ with a harvest of the garden that’s on our church property. The last activity turned up 170 people and was a great success for missionary work. Were continuing to press the members on being missionary minded by giving them reminders that they can put in places like their car. Hopefully members take advantage to invite their friends.
Well, out of time!
-Elder Call


  1. How exciting for Sharry, I know from a personal stand point about the cancer things it is very difficult to face this alone. I do have a testimony that when we go to our Heavenly Father with these problems that he will help us work through it.. !! Please share with her that I had breast cancer also and how grateful I am that the Lord has blessed me to be able to see my children be married and also grandchildren.. I know that a blessing will help her. I wish that I had her last name and I would put her name in the temple for the prayer circle.
    I hope that she will contiue to seek the gospel as this will give her peace of mind and a feeling of security in her life !!!
    Keep up the good work, it is great to hear about your ward activites and the opporutnity that you have to see more people.
    Keep you your GREAT work you will be blessed for ever. We send you our love and are so proud of you as you serve your Heavenly Father..
    Love Ed & Jan

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