Posted by: Elder Kenny Call | August 14, 2012

BBQ Harvest Celebration today/Missionary kits

It’s been a long week and we got quite a bit done. To start off, i got my toe worked on on Tuesday due to an ingrown toenail. It was bugging me for the last three weeks. Now it’s healing up pretty good but it hurt to get around for the first few days. Because of that we didn’t do a whole lot of tracting this week but we visited tons of people. We stopped by over 40 Partmember/less-active families this week, most of which i haven’t met yet. We found some good new potentials and invited them to a church activity we’re having today. It’s going to be a big BBQ and harvest celebration because the corn is ready in the church garden. It should be a lot of fun. I hope the people we invited make it.
A big focus for us this last week was member missionary work. We shared some missionary kits with a few families and we invited a lot of members to act this week. As far as following-up is going with the missionary kits, most of the members aren’t doing too well yet but I feel that if were persistant it will yield results. On Sundays we have been following up with this one guy every week and he keeps saying “no, not yet”. Well when we talked to him yesterday he said “it was on my mind this morning to do it because I knew you would ask me, and then i forgot”. I’m sure he’ll have it done now by this upcoming Sunday. We’ve given out 9 kits so far and we have a few more appointments scheduled for this week.
As far as our teaching pool is going, Sharry is starting to get back on the right track. We had a positive visit with her on Saturday and she said she wanted to go to Church. Unfortunately we didn’t see her yesterday, but hopefully we’ll see her tonight at the activity. Some of the members of the ward are really stepping up to help. We have people offering rides to church and people willing to help her with her genealogy.
We taught Ryan the plan of Salvation this week. It went good, but he still doesn’t want to cling to any specific religion. He just wants to be a floater but he likes to learn about our faith. The cool thing was he agreed with the lesson we taught. He mentioned that he had never thought about the 3 kingdoms of glory before and he really liked that. Maybe he will open up. We’ve only had 2 lessons with him so far.
Anyway, things are great!
-Elder Call


  1. Keep up the good work elder call

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