Posted by: Elder Kenny Call | August 31, 2012

A super good week! Lots of miracles!

Well, it has been a super good week.  Finally we see a spark of light in Carpinteria.  All the hard work is starting to show.  Lots of miracles have happened.


The best thing about this week is that we got a new investigator that we were able to set with a baptismal date.  Her name is Martha.  She lives in the home of a less active/part member family.  She is in her mid to late 20’s and has two kids.


We had zone conference on the 17th this month and learned a lot of cool things.  One big thing the Mission President and the assistants focused on was baptismal maps, or how to lead someone with a date to baptism.  Well, on the 23rd, I got to see it in action.  I went to Goleta on an exchange with the Zone Leaders.  They had someone with a date, so me and Elder Foy were there at the following visit to set up a baptismal map.  We want our investigators to know the truth of our message before their baptism date is set, so we set up guides so that they can.  We gave the person a piece of paper to write down their goals.  We then proceeded to give her a list of things that would help them come to know the truth.


We started talking about the Book of Mormon, asked them how much they could read daily, committing them to it, and having them write it down.  Then prayer –how often…same pattern, attending church, and lessons a few times a week.  It went over very well, so the next day we applied it in Carpinteria.  Martha seemed to take it very well.  So, we’ll see where it goes.


As far as other miracles go this week…


Sharry finally sat down and had a full lesson.  We should be able to get her set with a date again soon.  We’ll see.  She’s been sick a lot while going through chemo.


Dennis – We met with him and he accepted a soft set date towards baptism. We’ll be meeting with him again this week.


Paul, we tracted into him and he said he was truly interested.  We have an appointment set with him on Tuesday.


Nusrat, a Muslim, is open to hearing about our faith.  She moved here from Pakistan.  Very nice lady and we got an appointment with her family Tuesday as well.


We have a part member/ less active family that we have finally got an appointment with.  They live right across from the church, so that’s perfect!


Devorah is another really cool miracle.  The last one of the week.  Sunday night we went over and met with her.  We had three members come with us.  Her friend suggested that she should have a blessing, which was a really good idea.  She has been struggling a lot with physical and mental health.  After the blessing, we invited her to take the lessons and well, we got an appointment Friday!


Lots of other great things have happened this week as well, but my hand is aching now so I better wrap this up.


The work is going good, I appreciate all your prayers, support and love.  Time to go baptize!




Elder Anson Call


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