Posted by: Elder Kenny Call | September 10, 2012

A great first week in Santa Barbara!

Well, I’m starting to get to know the area a little bit. A lot of exciting stuff is happening here. One is that we have a baptism THIS Sunday! His name is Bryan and he is way cool. He is a world class pianist. He’s worked at a bunch of other churches playing the piano and seen how those churches are set up. When he started learning about our Church, it was easy for him to see that The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is the Lord’s true church on the earth. He has a strong testimony of the restored gospel and I am very excited for his baptism.

We also have some other great investigators that I’ll be happy to share more about as I get to know them.

Santa Barbara is great, but it is a whole lot different than Carpinteria. We have a good sized area here and are on BIKES, but we share a car with the other Santa Barbara elders a few days a week so that’s nice. The Ward is great as far as I’ve seen. The members here are very helpful. Our Ward mission leader is amazing. He’s in the Mission Presidency as well. Because Stake Conference was this week, I didn’t get to meet too many people in the new ward that I’m serving in but it was fun to see people in both Carpinteria and Lompoc. The Carpinteria members I’m sure were confused to see me. It’s very rare that an Elder would get transferred in the same Stake, even less, the same district. Cool.

Well, everything is going great!
-Elder Call



  1. Hello Elder Call:
    Sounds like that you are having a wonderful experience with this up and coming baptism, that is GREAT for you to have these blessings !!! You are a wonderful missionary and will go far in serving the Lord !!!
    Our weather here in Washington we had 49 straight days with no rain, can you beleive it. That is almost unheard of here. The record has been 51 days so we were pretty close to making it again. Well it rained on Sunday so we are to back to being dry for a while. It is supose to be 80 on Thurs of this week.
    We pray for you and know that you will be guided to the doors that are seeking the gospel ~!!!! We send you our love and prayers. Keep up the good work.
    Love Ed and Jan

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