Posted by: Elder Kenny Call | November 12, 2012

Another great week in Santa Barbara!

Another Great week. Things are looking very bright for this area!
Marie is progressing very well for just being taught a few lessons. She agrees with everything and has been wondering where this Church has been all her life. We taught her this week about the Gospel of Jesus Christ and had another lesson on the ten commandments. She is very excited for her upcoming baptism. She even already asked one of the members in our ward to baptize her. We had her scheduled for the 25th of this month but she would like to move it a little later. Were thinking about moving it to the 1st of December and combining the baptism with Jim, Jimmy, and another family in the ward who’s 8yr old son is getting baptized. We’ll see if that will all work together, but either way it’s going to happen really soon!

Jim and Jimmy are doing great. We didn’t get a chance to meet with them this last week because they have been super busy but we have an appointment with them tomorrow. We’re going to go over their baptism, and who they want to be a part of the service. They are so ready! (but they have been so ready for months!)

Now that Everyone is getting baptized our teaching pool is shrinking! Oh no! We’ve been going around sharing this news with members and asking for referrals. It seems like everyone has friends in mind so now it’s just helping them make the invitations to act! Just this week we had a first meeting with a Russian lady named Ireana. She accepted an invitation to take the missionary lessons and we have an appointment with her set for Wednesday. It started by a member who invited her to Church and she came a few weeks ago. Then the member invited her to a church activity, a cooking class with some of the Relief Society sisters and she loved it. Then the member invited her to dinner when we were going to be there. This member of the Church is not afraid of anything! It was a little awkward to start. But Ireana opened up and after talking with her for a while she accepted to take the missionary lessons. We’ll see where it goes!

Now that I’ve used up all my time to write this little bit, I’m going to try to quickly rush through everyone else.

Sierra is still progressing but her parents are holding us back from teaching any more of the lessons. It looks like she’s going to have to wait a couple years until she’s 18 to make her decision. She just finished reading the Book of Mormon and she comes to church nearly every week and participates.

Steve is doing good. Progressing very slowly but he opens up more and more every week. He wants his girlfriend Wendy to be there for the lessons too.

The Pachons and the Morenos have been dropped. They haven’t been going anywhere and aren’t keeping commitments.

We haven’t been able to get in contact with Melvin for a while…

Mark is doing good. We had a 2nd lesson with him finally and he seems really open.

Bryan is doing great. We had a lesson talking about the importance of the sacrament this week and he should bless it for the first time this upcoming Sunday. He’s doing great with his calling in church. He plays the piano so well that I’m surprised the bishop hasn’t asked him yet to tone it down.

Anyway, things are good. There’s a lot to be grateful for.

-Elder Anson Call


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