Posted by: Elder Kenny Call | December 3, 2012

A “White Christmas” in sunny Santa Barbara!!!!!

I’m not dreaming of a white christmas, I’m having one! I’m referring to the “white” baptismal clothes, of course!
There was a baptismal service on Saturday and it had to be the best service I have ever attended. The spirit was so strong that no one could have missed it. The service was packed. All the seats were filled and people were even standing. the whole ward must have been there. The music and the talks were all great and its wonderful to know that this whole family will now be able to go to the temple in a year. The mother and daughter were baptized back in August and now the family is completely members with the baptism of the father and son. Sunday had to be one of the best testimony meetings ever. Brother Cleary got up and shared his conversion story along with his testimony and I can’t even get close to describe how wonderful that was. Everyone felt the spirit so strong. We’re looking at a future bishop for sure.
Marie is doing super good too! she is super excited for her own baptism and is sharing the gospel like crazy! She brought her 12 yr old neighbor to church and he loved it. He wants to come again. It wont be too long until his family meets with the Spanish elders!!!!
There is so much great stuff happening!!!!
You’ll learn more in my letter home. 4 pages have been written thus far. 🙂
Elder A Call


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