Posted by: Elder Kenny Call | January 8, 2013

Anson’s last transfer/Training a greenie in Santa Barbara!

The transfer call came again. Sunday night I received a call from the Assistants that I’m going to be a trainer again. Cool.Then this morning i got a call about where i’m serving. The Zone Leader said that I would be serving in the Panama Ward in South Bakersfield. I was surprised! Other Elders would call that “White Wash Trunky Training.” Fortunately the Elder was only kidding and I get to stay in Santa Barbara to the end. I don’t have to worry about “White Washing” meaning that you take over an area without a companion that knows the ward. And no, I’m not trunky either. I’m just training and it will go great!
We got a lot of hard work to do!
-Elder Call



  1. Hi Elder Call : Well you getting to be a short timer now but it will go by fast for you, faster than you thought ~!!!! We are so proud of you and all that you have done on your mission, you will remember this the rest of your life and it will bless you for ever ~!!! We send you our love and are grateful for you ~!!!!
    Love You
    Ed & Jan

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