Posted by: Elder Kenny Call | January 29, 2013

Very busy last month in the mission field!

We picked up Gina as a new investigator. Marie has been involved with getting it all set up. We had a lesson Wednesday in Marie’s home and one on Saturday at the Record’s. We have things set up to have her in a members home on Saturday and now we just need to confirm it with her.
The Cleary’s are doing super good. We went through the scriptures with them this last week and taught them how to really study from them. We went through everything including the Bible Dictionary, TG, Index, Pictures, Intro to books (D&C, P.O.G…) They learned a lot and are doing soo good! They are as involved as you can get in the Church!
Denyse is a less active we have been teaching and now she’s getting regular at comming to church! 3 out of the last 4 weeks! wow! This week she even brought her non-member grand-daughter so were going to see if we can get lessons going with her soon.
We picked up another former investigator this week named Ryan. We had a member come with us to go visit Steve, The lesson was short and Steve isn’t showing any sign of progress so we went with the member to go see Ryan. At first he didn’t want to talk to us again, but then we got in! We have an appointment with him on Tuesday!
Marie is doing really good. She’s getting back on her feet pretty well now. She has a much nicer place to stay and a car. She was present at both lessons with Gina this week.  She continues to be strong in the gospel and is actively sharing it.
We’re currently working on getting the Arteaga family taking the lessons. The kids are interested and the mom is a less active member. They are super busy so hopefully we can get lessons going soon.
Sierra is still doing really good. We had the opportunity to talk to her on Sunday at Church and she’s so converted. The Bishop will be visiting her family sometime in February.
The work goes well!
-Elder Call



  1. Well Elder Call the time is getting short for you, you are now officially a short timer ~!!! I know that it is hard to believe but you willl be going home soon. When I saw your parents at your Grandma’s funeral they are counting down the days for you return !!!! we send you our love and are very proud of you and the GREAT work that you have been doing in serving your Father in Heaven Take care and we will see you thing summer in Washington Love Ed and Jan

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