Posted by: Elder Kenny Call | October 8, 2012

Elder Anson Call is a singing missionary — who would have thought?!

All is doing great here in Santa Barbara, I’m going to start a letter today, we’ll see if i finish it. We have apartment inspections today so i have a lot of cleaning and organizing to do. The work is great. Last night we did a ton of work on State Street. We did some singing and passed cards out to people.¬† We found some good people to teach. The singing wasn’t my idea ūüôā .

We had some investigators go to Salt Lake City for General Conference. Cool stuff!  They will be baptized soon!
I’ll tell you more soon. My time is up because of computer difficulties.¬†

I love ya’ll!

-Elder Call

Posted by: Elder Kenny Call | September 26, 2012

My first baptism in Santa Barbara!

Posted by: Elder Kenny Call | September 10, 2012

A great first week in Santa Barbara!

Well, I’m starting to get to know the area a little bit. A lot of exciting stuff is happening here. One is that we have a baptism THIS Sunday! His name is Bryan and he is way cool. He is a world class pianist. He’s worked at a bunch of other churches playing the piano and seen how those churches are set up. When he started learning about our Church, it was easy for him to see that The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is the Lord’s true church on the earth. He has a strong testimony of the restored gospel and I am very excited for his baptism.

We also have some other great investigators that I’ll be happy to share more about as I get to know them.

Santa Barbara is great, but it is a whole lot different than Carpinteria. We have a good sized area here and are on BIKES, but we share a car with the other Santa Barbara elders a few days a week so that’s nice. The Ward is great as far as I’ve seen. The members here are very helpful. Our Ward mission leader is amazing. He’s in the Mission Presidency as well. Because Stake Conference was this week, I didn’t get to meet too many people in the new ward that I’m serving in but it was fun to see people in both Carpinteria and Lompoc. The Carpinteria members I’m sure were confused to see me. It’s very rare that an Elder would get transferred in the same Stake, even less, the same district. Cool.

Well, everything is going great!
-Elder Call

Posted by: Elder Kenny Call | August 31, 2012

A super good week! Lots of miracles!

Well, it has been a super good week.  Finally we see a spark of light in Carpinteria.  All the hard work is starting to show.  Lots of miracles have happened.


The best thing about this week is that we got a new investigator that we were able to set with a baptismal date.¬† Her name is Martha.¬† She lives in the home of a less active/part member family.¬† She is in her mid to late 20’s and has two kids.


We had zone conference on the 17th this month and learned a lot of cool things.  One big thing the Mission President and the assistants focused on was baptismal maps, or how to lead someone with a date to baptism.  Well, on the 23rd, I got to see it in action.  I went to Goleta on an exchange with the Zone Leaders.  They had someone with a date, so me and Elder Foy were there at the following visit to set up a baptismal map.  We want our investigators to know the truth of our message before their baptism date is set, so we set up guides so that they can.  We gave the person a piece of paper to write down their goals.  We then proceeded to give her a list of things that would help them come to know the truth.


We started talking about the Book of Mormon, asked them how much they could read daily, committing them to it, and having them write it down.¬† Then prayer –how often…same pattern, attending church, and lessons a few times a week.¬† It went over very well, so the next day we applied it in Carpinteria.¬† Martha seemed to take it very well.¬† So, we’ll see where it goes.


As far as other miracles go this week…


Sharry finally sat down and had a full lesson.¬† We should be able to get her set with a date again soon.¬† We’ll see.¬† She’s been sick a lot while going through chemo.


Dennis – We met with him and he accepted a soft set date towards baptism. We’ll be meeting with him again this week.


Paul, we tracted into him and he said he was truly interested.  We have an appointment set with him on Tuesday.


Nusrat, a Muslim, is open to hearing about our faith.  She moved here from Pakistan.  Very nice lady and we got an appointment with her family Tuesday as well.


We have a part member/ less active family that we have finally got an appointment with.¬† They live right across from the church, so that’s perfect!


Devorah is another really cool miracle.  The last one of the week.  Sunday night we went over and met with her.  We had three members come with us.  Her friend suggested that she should have a blessing, which was a really good idea.  She has been struggling a lot with physical and mental health.  After the blessing, we invited her to take the lessons and well, we got an appointment Friday!


Lots of other great things have happened this week as well, but my hand is aching now so I better wrap this up.


The work is going good, I appreciate all your prayers, support and love.  Time to go baptize!




Elder Anson Call

Posted by: Elder Kenny Call | August 14, 2012

BBQ Harvest Celebration today/Missionary kits

It’s been a long week and we got quite a bit done. To start off, i got my toe worked on on Tuesday due to an ingrown toenail. It was bugging me for the last three weeks.¬†Now it’s healing up pretty good but it hurt to get around for the first few days. Because of that we didn’t do a whole lot of tracting this week but we visited tons of people. We stopped by¬†over 40 Partmember/less-active families this week, most of which i haven’t met yet. We found some good new¬†potentials and¬†invited them to a church activity we’re having today. It’s going to be a big BBQ and harvest celebration because the corn is ready in the church garden. It should be a lot of fun. I hope the people we invited make it.
A big focus for us this last week was member missionary work. We shared some missionary kits with a few families and we invited a lot of members to act this week. As far as following-up is going with the missionary kits, most of the members aren’t doing too well yet but I feel that if were persistant it will yield results. On Sundays we have been following up with this one guy every week and he keeps saying “no, not yet”. Well when we talked to him yesterday he said “it was on my mind this morning to do it because I knew you would ask me, and then i forgot”. I’m sure he’ll have it done now by this upcoming Sunday. We’ve given out 9 kits so far and we have a few more appointments scheduled for this week.
As far as our teaching pool is going, Sharry is starting to get back on the right track. We had a positive visit with her on Saturday and she said she wanted to go to Church. Unfortunately we didn’t see her yesterday, but hopefully we’ll see her tonight at the activity. Some of the members of the ward are really stepping up to help. We have people offering rides to church and people willing to help her with her genealogy.
We taught Ryan the plan of Salvation this week. It went good, but he still doesn’t want to cling to any specific religion. He just wants to be a floater but he likes to learn about our faith. The cool thing was he agreed with the lesson we taught. He mentioned that he had never thought about the 3 kingdoms of glory before and he really liked that. Maybe he will open up. We’ve only had 2 lessons with him so far.
Anyway, things are great!
-Elder Call
Posted by: Elder Kenny Call | August 6, 2012

A good week! Upcoming Harvest BBQ.

This week was good. Sharry is starting to turn back around. We were able to pray with her and share a short message. She was very appreciative. I could see that she developed some hope after our visit. Sharry has been very down with this whole cancer thing. When we first talked to her she was talking like she wasn’t going to make it and then after the prayer she was ready to make it through. She goes to the cancer center tomorrow and starts her treatment i think.
We talked with a guy in La Conchita whose family was investigating the Church in the past. He said that his daughter is very interested and is going to give us a call soon to get the lessons going again. We were way excited to hear that. We’ll see what happens this week. The best things is tons of members live right there and we can just walk over to have lessons in a member home.
We are still working with less actives as a finding tool. Some things might be starting to turn up. We talked with Sister Fong, an active member about teaching her family. Her husband is less active and her two sons are not members yet. They are 10 and 13 and they both seem to want to be baptized. They just have really crazy schedules with tennis.
We went on a walk with sister Sandra who is less active and set up a time to watch the Joseph Smith Prophet of the Restoration movie with her and her husband who is not a member. She was talking about how Joseph Smith wasn’t her “favorite” prophet so I think this should help her testimony a lot and may gather her husbands interest.
We have lots of other things we are working on too. This week we have a good excuse to visit a lot of people with a ward activity coming up. Were doing another BBQ with a harvest of the garden that’s on our church property. The last activity turned up 170 people and was a great success for missionary work. Were continuing to press the members on being missionary minded by giving them reminders that they can put in places like their car. Hopefully members take advantage to invite their friends.
Well, out of time!
-Elder Call
Posted by: Elder Kenny Call | August 1, 2012

New “Golden” referral and helped a Catholic Priest move!


This week has been good. I am happy to be serving with Elder Hatch. We get along great and work together really well. It’s going to be a great transfer. We have some good plans for this upcoming week. It should be great. We got a really solid referral (Golden) from the Spanish Elders that we are going to be meeting with on Wednesday. His name is Daniel. The Spanish speaking Elders taught him about the restoration of the Gospel in English and one of them replied, “It felt so good to teach someone in English, I actually could follow the whole lesson”. haha, He has just been out on his mission a short time and is struggling with his Spanish still.¬†

This week it looks like our investigator Will is finally moving, as well as a few others that we’re teaching. We got to meet his son named Launce. He normally lives with his mom in Las Vegas and is just visiting his dad for a short time. He doesn’t know if he believes in God so I feel we were able to plant a good seed.¬†
We haven’t heard anything from Sharry in a while. She hasn’t answered our phone calls or the door. She was doing great, had a baptism date to prepare for, was coming to church every week, and then I don’t know what happened.¬†
We had a good lesson with Martin this week on the plan of Salvation. We found out that he works with some members of our congregation so I thought that was cool. He goes back to work next week so meeting with him might be a little more difficult but We’ll make something work.¬†
Elder Hatch spoke in Church this week. He did a really good job. Our studies this week involved preparing for that, and that’s about it. I’m glad that’s over with and that we can have normal studies. His talk had a very good effect on the ward. It was a good missionary Sunday.
We did Service one day this week that took 5 hours. it was crazy. Some old Catholic priest was moving from an upstairs apartment. He had SOO much stuff. It was just us and 1 other person that was there. ya.

-Elder Call

Posted by: Elder Kenny Call | July 24, 2012

Crazy week — UFO’s, gummy bears, dog attacks and all!

This week has had it’s ups and downs but overall it was a good week. The transfer call came around 8:45 this morning and to my surprise I’m not getting transferred! So that now makes Carpinteria the longest area I have served in officially. Elder Brinkerhoff however is going and I guessed the area he’s headed to right. He’s off to Agora Hills. I’m going to miss Elder Brinkerhoff but he is going to do great things in his new area.
There have been some changes this week. Elvis is now gone, Will isn’t answering the door, Melany dropped us in a text message, Sharri keeps changing her mind (very unstable)- she does not want to get baptized at the current moment but earlier this week she did? She keeps being anti’d by her roomate. ugh.
On the bright side we received three referrals this week. The Carpinteria Ward is doing a lot better being missionary minded. The referrals are proving it and the missionary kits we have been doing are working great. We met with the less-active family this week. They seem to have taken a step backward into coming back into activity but we’re not giving up yet. The husband who is not a member seems to be opening up a little.
We got a new investigator this week named Ryan. He’s currently looking at our message in an intellectual level but he’s open so he could figure it out. Abdul, our Muslim friend has been asking a lot of good questions in the lesson that we have had with him this week. He believes in the Book of Mormon, but not enough to be baptized. I don’t know if we will be having any more lessons with him though cause he’s moving.
On Friday I was sick with something weird (aches and 102 fever) but the miracle was that I was able to go back to work the next day.
There have been a lot of weird things this week. One of the weirdest was that I think we saw a UFO. My companion pointed in the sky and said “what’s that?” I looked up and saw an airplane and let him know that that’s what it was. Than he said “no, that” pointing to something else. It was this super bright orange light that was traveling towards us a lot faster than the airplane was. Then one a dime it turned around and got smaller until it vanished. Weird, but whatever. I guess a lot of people see “sightings” here. Before we saw that, someone was telling us about a even weirder story that they saw a few weeks earlier. Another experience we had this week happened while we were out talking to people we walked past some people having a party and we got offered gummy bears. They kept pushing it but it was suspicious because they had it on a cookie sheet. I guess they were filled with¬†alcohol. Someone must thing they are funny trying to trick missionaries but we didn’t fall for it. ūüôā
I’ve been getting a little better at playing the piano not that I have any time to practice. just 5 minutes at the piano here and there. I’ve played in district meeting a couple times and now Bishop has been asking me to play during Church when the men meet together. I’m not really comfortable doing that but he made me yesterday. I only know a few songs so we’ll see how long he keeps calling me up to play the piano.
Every missionary has there experiences with dogs and I thought I was lucky that I hadn’t had a bad experience yet. Well, This was the week! A dog bit and ripped my pants… grrrr oh well.
Well I think that’s enough stories for this week!
-Elder Call
Posted by: Elder Kenny Call | July 17, 2012

A wonderful week!

It’s been a wonderful week. We got more done this week than we normally get done in 3 weeks. It’s been great. This has definitely been the most successful week that I’ve had while I’ve been in Carpinteria.

I’ve done a lot of baking during lunchtime this week. It started off as me just wanting some cookies. Then It became something to help us get in contact with people. For instance, there is a less active member who every time we call says, “um, can you call me back next Friday?” Well, it became the same thing every week. Then when we called this week she said the same thing. I went on to say, “Well, I just made some cookies today and they won’t be fresh anymore by then”. She invited us right over after I said that. ha ha. Who doesn’t want cookies?

This week was our last week that we helped out at EFY. It was fun. Those kids are going to be great missionaries.

All our Investigators are doing great, we got some new people were teaching this week, and a lot of great things are getting set up.
-Elder Call

Posted by: Elder Kenny Call | July 2, 2012

4th of July Activity/Talked to EFY group!

so this week…
Planning for the 4th of July activity is going great. We have been working hard to publicize the activity that were having at the Church. We stopped by and left invitations for most of the less-active church members and well as our potential investigators. Unfortunately for Elder Brinkerhoff, he is going to miss the activity. The Assistants to the President called yesterday and he will be going on an exchange with them and the mission president to show them how to teach missionaries to use family history in finding. Elder Brinkerhoff wants to be a genealogist as a profession after his mission. Because he knows how to do genealogy so well we have been using it a lot in our teaching. This week we had a great lesson with someone about family history. After the lesson my companion helped him get started on the computer. He seemed pretty excited about learning his family history and being able to do temple work for his ancestors. It should help him get back into activity in the church soon.

One cool thing we did this week was we went up to Isla Vista (UCSB) to talk to 500 youth attending a Church camp called EFY. It went really well! We probably will be doing this again next week.

Unfortunately our friend Elvis is moving this week. He has been supplying us with a lot of people to teach and has been really helpful for us. He’ll still be working in our area though so he may still send us referrals.
out of time… ūüė¶
-Elder Call

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